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About me

Cécile Ganneau

On the one hand, my zest for life and my creativity are the basis for my work as a language teacher.

On the other hand, my accuracy and organisation allow me to produce high-quality translations.

Education and experience


For six years I have been teaching my mother tongue with joy and dedication.

After completing a scientific training as a chemist MSc and then working in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland, I decided to take a new path and become a language teacher. After successfully training as a foreign language teacher, I received the Swiss Federal Diploma SVEB. In addition, I received further methodological and didactic training at the SAL (School for Applied Linguistics).

I have experience in the conception and organization of tailor-made language courses for companies in the healthcare, marketing and retail sectors. For about 3 years now, I've also been doing specialist translations for companies in the healthcare and medical technology sectors. (see references)

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Learning by doing and conveying joy in the language, that is my motto. The focus of my lessons is on language comprehension and practical application. This is supported by theoretical input appropriate to the situation.

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